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New Jack and Catch-Up Reviews The New Jack and Catch Up Reviews Page is a collection of my many long-winded Hip Hop reviews. If you're curious about an album, you might just find it here, reviewed track-for-track. It has been a long time since I wrote a review, though I keep threatening to write some more given how there is so much good stuff underground nowadays.

The Annual New Jack Hip Hop Awards The New Jack Hip Hop Awards were begun in 1991 in response to the widely-held view that the Grammy's were weak in general, and especially weak when it came to rap and hiphop. This is a net-wide held poll where everything was decided by you. It lasted until 1998 (like so many other things in my life), the year I finished grad school.

"You decide on the categories. You nominate. You vote. All we do is count and write it up."

The Hip Hop Mailing Lists There were once several hiphop discussion lists hosted at this site, including a general discussion list, a list about the business end of hiphop, about freestyling and Djing. As the web exploded, these lists became less necessary and I eventually shut them down.

By the way, if you're really interested in this stuff, there are other places to go.

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