I'm a busy man. So, unfortunately, I do not get to spend as much time on these things as I did when I was a graduate student looking for a way to procrastinate. I do manage to update some of these things every once in a while though, and even the ones I don't might still be interesting.

A Deeper Shade...

Updated often, these pages include This Week in Black History, a Black History Database, and some still fledging pages on Film and Literature.

The Hiphop Home Page

Includes the New Jack and Catch Up Hip Hop Reviews, the Hip Hop Mailing lists, and the New Jack Hip Hop Awards. I haven't touched these in a very long time, but the reviews are still valid.

The Funky Music Page

Includes the Funky Music Mailing List and a few pointers to funky sites. That list has moved on, so the page is here mainly for historical reasons.


The other side of me.

Dr. Charles

The other other side of me.

Charles Isbell
Some of you are homeboys, but only I am The Homeboy From hell
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