Rooms have been reserved at the Sleep Inn and Hampton Inn. Both are about 2-4 miles from the reception site. Both hotels are right off of I-75, within a mile of Southlake Mall and offer shuttle service from the airport.

You can call and reserve under either Sheila Dallas or Charles Isbell. We believe that Sleep Inn requires you reserve the room at least one week in advance, but in order to take advantage of any discounts many of the other hotels require thirty day advance notice. It's worth pointing out that if you're willing to put forth the effort, you may be able to get rooms even cheaper by calling early and booking outside of the group, or going online.

To make things easier, we have provided a list of hotels in the area, including the two where we have reserved rooms in our names (only ten rooms apiece, though, so look into them early). If you click on a logo, you will be taken to a reservation web page.

2185 Mt. Zion Pkwy
Morrow, GA 30260
standard room (our price): $63/day + tax Basic hotel with basic amenities.

1533 Southlake Pkwy
Morrow, GA
standard room (our price): $69.99 + tax Slightly nicer than Sleep Inn.

1599 Adamson Pkwy
Morrow, GA
starting in low $50's + tax Basic hotel

6520 S. Lee St.
Morrow, GA
standard: $89.99, kings $79.99, very few dbls $59.99 + tax A bit nicer than the basic hotel. Much like a Hampton.

1900 Sullivan Road (Atlanta Airport)
$79-239 Very nice.

4669 Airport Blvd (Atlanta Airport)
College Park, GA
$69-99 Very nice.

Marriott Renaissance Concourse Hotel
One Hartsfield Centre Parkway (Atlanta Airport)
$67-189 three star hotel

4736 Best Road (Atlanta Airport)
$??? four star hotel. lots of proms and business meetings are held there.