Cincinnati Reception

Though she is from Compton (Compton fool! What?), most of the bride's friends and quite extended family are in Cincinnati OH. Many travelled to Atlanta for the ceremony, but many more were unable to make it, so a small informal reception was held in Cincinnati two weeks after the formal ceremony.

Relaxed from their honeymoon travels, the bride and groom hopped into their car (after spending a few minutes realizing that it was now "their" car) the day before the scheduled festivities, and made it in record time to Cincinnati. Directions were simple. Go north on I-75. Keep doing that. Do it a bit longer. Make a left. That pretty much covered it.

They were joined on the journey by the groom's mom, who spent much of the time learning how speak Comptonese and making comments about various speed limits. The groom claims he drove the entire way right at the speed limit, and so isn't sure what the problem was.

The reception was held at the Chart House of Lake Isballa not too far from the family's home. The weather was wonderful and quite warm. It wasn't much different than being in Atlanta, actually. The family spent some time setting up tables, music, food and a truly amazing number of pictures from the ceremony.

Guests piled in over the next few hours. Aside from the immediate family and the array of nieces and nephews, the couple was joined by all the cousins who came down to Atlanta, plus the other several hundred who live in the area. The bride's grandmother also made the trip and met the groom. The bridesmaid's parents--old friends of the family--also made the trip down.

With the beautiful weather, much of the action took place outside by the lake. The youngest guests had a chance to run around and point at the fish, while the older and tireder had a chance to grab some sun and enjoy some conversation while munching on a variety of picnic food... and occasionally yelling things like, "Hey don't let him jump in the lake!"

Basically, a good time was had by all. After all, we had food, family, friends, and more food. Truly, everybody wins!

As with all such things, eventually it was time to clean up and clear out. With all the hands on, um, hand that didn't take very long and the Dallas clan was all packed and ready to go. After a brief visit at the family home, the bride, groom, and groom's mom hopped in the car and headed back to the hotel for a night's rest.

The next morning the threesome hopped in the car and made it back home in even less time, once again claiming to be driving legally the entire way. That's the story and we're sticking to it.

And, finally, after months of preparation and weeks of ceremonies, flights, and travel, the bride and groom settled down to the serious business of being married.

And they lived happily ever after.