Places to Go

Check these out:

The Skin I'm In:

The Drum


The Internet Black Pages

The Universal Black Pages

The National Civil Rights Museum

Templeton Interactive's Lest We Forget Exhibit

The Library of Congress Resource Guide for Black History and Culture

African American Web Connection

Club Nubia

Tamara Pearson's African American Haven

Minority Institution Information

Brown Eyed Intelligence

GrioTech, Index to African American (by and for) Software Products

Ashley Marcelline's Black Film and Video Guide


Berkeley's African American Studies Videotape and Audiocassette Library

Art Gallery Emporium

Friends They've Been: Mike Bowen: Mellow Man

Walt Jacobs: Engineer, Sociologist, Man About Town

La Tondra Murray: Tondar The Barbarian

Quinton Y Zondervan: What?

Oded Maron's Secret Page

Liana's Not-So-Secret Page

Too Phat To Be Thin:

Boondocks: A Comic Strip with a Hip Hop Sensibility

Elementary: The World's Only Hip Hop Journal

HEADz UP! (formerly known as HardC.O.R.E.), A Mad Phat Hip Hop Ezine

Professor RAP, My Hero

The Hitlist

Charles Isbell
Some of you are homeboys, but only I am The Homeboy From hell